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Title cover
Cover For The Episode
Cassie MoatsAdded by Cassie Moats
(The Teen Brigade Puts A Note On The Kid Brigade's Door Then Greg Gets The Note And Then He Starts The Meeting)

Greg: Attention Kid Brigaders I Got A Notice From The Teen Brigade They Said This: "Dear Kid Brigade Cry Baby's, We Are Challanging You Runts To A Pastery War We Will Lanch Cakes And You Will Lanch Pies ----The Teen Brigade---- P.S. This Is Cooper's Handwriting" Cooper Ladie's Man Of An Older Brother So What Do You Say Kid Brigaders Should We Have A Pastery War?

All The Kid Brigaders (And Nick): YEAH!!!

(The Kid Brigaders Made A Dozen Pies And Builds A Fort And Greg Uses His Spyglass And Sees The Teen Brigaders Building There Fort And They Had Made A Dozen Cakes Then After They Were Done Building There Forts The Teens Brought Out There Cannipult And Places The First Cake On And Launchs It And It Lands On The Kid Brigade's Roof)

Greg: MY ROOF! Nick The Pie

(Nick Places The First Pie On The Cannipult And Flings And Lands On Alberto's Face And Alberto Wipes His Face)

Alberto: Attack!!!

(The Teens Flings Pies Off Of There Cannipults)

Greg: Attack!!!

(The Kids Flings Cakes Off There Cannipults)

(One Of The Pies Lands In A Birds Nest, Then One Of The Cakes Lands On Hank's Police Car, Then One Of The Other Pies Lands On Wally's Head)

Wally: Hmm I Always Wanted A Hair Peice

(Then The Cannipults Went Crazy They Shooted Cakes And Pies In Everyone In The Town Such As: Edna, Kingsley, Pickle, Cecilia, Big Pauly, And Somewere Else Gino, Bruna and Carlo Were Practing On The Top Of There Bus When A Cake Lands On There Bus Safely And They Stare At The Cake)

Carlo: What Kinda Cake Is That Bruna?

Bruna: I Don't Know Carlo...Gino?

(Gino Walks To The Cake And Tastes It and It Was...)

Gino: This Cake's Tiramisu!

(Bruna, Gino and Carlo Were Going To Finish The Tiramisu When They Notice Severel Other Cakes Were Flinging On Everyone and Everything In Sight)


(Carlo Gets The Cookie Launcher And Bruna Puts Cookie Scout Cookies In The Cookie Launcher And Shoots A Cookie And The Cookie Lands On Alberto)

Alberto: A Cookie Don't Mind If I Do

(Yippy Flings A Pie At Alberto)

Yippy: You Got To Pay For That! ATTACK!

Greg: Yippy That's My Job. ATTACK! THIS TIME MORE PIES!


(Carlo Fires Cookies At The Brigaders And The War Gone On Until Greg Mistaken Lisa For A Pie And Launched Her)

Lisa: Paaaappi!

(Franco Was At Work Taking Out The Trash When He Notices Lisa)

Franco: Liiiissa!

(Lisa Lands In His Arms)

Franco: You Had Me So Worried

Lisa: Sorry But Your Spoiled Nephew, His Friends And My Friends Are Having A Pastery War

Franco: (sighs) your cousin and his crazy antics

(back at the battlefield)

Greg: (sees an cookie plane) What is that?

Nick: I dont know.

Yippy: Whatever is that, ATTACK!!!!!

(Gino, Carlo and Bruna launches giant cookie bombs)

(cookie bombs hit the pies)

Gino: Carlo! Drop the cookie!!!

Carlo: What? Okay. (presses abort button)

(cookie plane crashes on the Kid Brigade base)

Nick: RETREAT!!!!

Alberto: Ha! You lost--- (100 pies land on Alberto and the rest of the Teen Brigade)

Gino, Carlo and Bruna: Teen Brigade Loses (Laughs)--- (The Rest Of The Teen Brigades Cakes Lands On The Three Romano's) Oh Our Goodness

(The Grown-Ups/Other Teens Goes To The Battlefield)

Mary: Greg!, Cooper!, Peggy!

Clair: Sasha!, Taylor!

Quinn: Joey!

Boomer: Nick!, Tohru!

Cori: Utah!

Olga: Yippy!, Prudence!

Sue: Clover!, Marty!, Maggie!

Franco: Lisa!

Lisa: I'm Right Beside You Papi!

Franco: Oh

Edoardo: Gino!, Carlo!, Bruna! Get's Your Butts Over Here

Gino, Carlo and Bruna: Double Oh Our Goodenss

Edoardo: what are those?

(sees cookies falling from the sky and lands on Edoardo)

Edoardo: Hey, Gino, and Carlo butts here!

Gino and Carlo: coming


The end!

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