Boomer: Akari Tohru Nick can you come here

Akari : yeah Mom

(Akari, Tohru and Nick Comes Into The Living Room)

Boomer: i'm having another baby !

Akari: i think it is a girl.

Boomer: me too

Tohru me three

Nick: i think it is a boy

(A Few Days Later, Boomer went into the living room seeing Allan and Rico were having there annual biker chat with Akari)

Akari: hi Mom

Allan & Rico: hi Boomer

Boomer: hi Akari, hi Allan and Rico

Rico: your getting chubby Boom?

Boomer: no Rico and great news sweetie and boys i'm having a baby girl

Akari: i'm getting a third sister!

Allan and Rico: were getting a girl baby to spoil!

the end

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