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Greg heared boomer's scream

Greg was woked up by Bad dream

Mary comforting greg

Mary Conforting Greg After His Bad Dream

(Greg watches a scary movie about tomatoes not existing anymore in the world)

Greg;Oh my goodness,that was a really scary movie,but its just a movie right?

Cooper:Yeah greg it's just a movie.

Greg:Oh thank goodness,I thought it was real.

Mary:Kids go to sleep.

Peggy:Ok mom.

Greg:Well time to call it a night.

(In gregs bad dream)

Greg:Where am I?

Greg:well since I'm here,let's go look for tomatoes!

Bystander:You can't.

Greg:Why not?

Bystander:Because the world has run out of tomatoes.

Greg:What?!This can't be true!

Bystander:Oh it's true allright.

(Greg runs away)

Greg:*Thoughts*Tomato land always has tomatoes,even when there's a shortage!

(Greg gets to tomato land,only to see the it's closed)


(Greg wakes up)

Greg:Oh it was just a bad dream.

Mary:Greg,what hapenned?!

Greg:I had a bad dream where tomatoes didn't exist anymore!

Mary:Did you watch that scary movie about tomatoes no longer existing?


Mary:Well don't worry it was just a dream.Now go back to sleep.

Greg:Ok mommy.

Baby Dandidoo: I'm sweating

The End

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