Cecilia: Foodini?

Gino: Hands To the fans, get yourself a fans

Allan: Balloons! Balloons!

Foodini: -Grunt- -Strunt-


Cecilia: Ahhh! My Baby!

Foodini: Oh No! Poo Poo!

Cecilia: Stop, Lay Down.


Cecilia: Oh, you're peeing your pants, now why are you're telling me pee pee, Foodini?

Cecilia: Eww? Foodini, You're Peeing On Me, What was that about? do you want me to pee on you?

Foodini: Mhmm...?

Cecilia: No You Don't?

Foodini: Yeah.

Cecilia: No?

Foodini: Yeah.

Cecilia: No?

Carlo: Hey, Babe?

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