Cooler is Cooper's younger brother. He wears a blue shirt celebrating an even that happened on 4/18/1983.


Pizzeria: 4 olives, 4 mushrooms, 4 onions, 5 minutes, cut in 10.

Burgeria: bottom bun, well done patty, ketchup, lettuce, pickle, mustard, top bun.

Taco Mia: absent (don't ask)

Freezeria: large mint with pineapples, smooth blend, white whipped cream, blueberry syrup, 3 cookies

Pancakeria: 3 bacon pancakes (12 butter between each one)

Wingeria: 6 garlic shrimp (left), 6 parmesan shrimp (right), 2 awesome sauce dips, 2 zesty pesto dips

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