clovers bad day part 2

clover my tropicle charms are nice 

clover drops them on the floor

clover cries maggie whats wrong sis gasps what sist what is dis  

clover u know whats wrong

maggie know i dont

clover i droped my tropicl echarms on the floor

maggie gasps

maggie takes clover to sue

sue whats wrong  maggie clover droped her tropicle charms on the floor

marty whats wrong and why is clover cring maggie her tropicle charms fell on thr floor

maggie did u drop them on the floor maggie no did they drop by acseedoont maggie clover did they clover yeeeeees!

dad comes back from work ok clover thers nothing to worry about i got u some clover yayyyyyyyy maggie see i told u edit rest

be sure to read part 3

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