To make tropical charms (really big ones):

some dough

food coloring

tropical cutters

oven set to 425

1. Color the dough.

2. Cut the shapes.

3. Bake in oven for 15 minutes.

4. Eat.

To make whipped cream:

3 3/4 cups heavy cream

3 tbsp vanilla

a Freezeria blender

1. Pour cream and vanilla into blender.

2. Blend at:

For extra thin cream: Chunky

For normal style cream: Regular

For extra thick cream: Smooth

3. Pour into spray can.

4. Play Cut The Rope for 3 hours with Cecilia with the cream.

To make a nutty butter cup bomb:

12 nutty butter cups

2 cans whipped cream

1. Spray the cream.

2. Add the nutty butter cups.

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