this is where clover invites her classmates to her house for a party

Clover:Im inviting my classmates to my party at our place

Marty:Instead of your party, im going on a date with rita

Clover's Contacts:Scooter,Sasha,Utah,SargeFan,Nick,Greg,Tohru,Radlynn

Clover Texts them:Party at my house

bottles of pop,popcorn,cups,sandwiches and whipped cream

Everybody Arrives

Everybody was making mess everywhere

Scooter:thanks for your party clover!

Clover:have fun!

they took photos

at the end there was a huge mess

marty comes back

sue was on the phone

Sue:hugo is sick so im coming home from our weekend break

Clover:Marty!mom's coming back soon

to be contineud


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