(Sue comes into freezeria with Penny and Clover)

Sue: Can I get small mint with cookie dough, chocolate whipped cream, chocolate chips, cookie?

Penny: Small chocolate with strawberries, whipped cream, strawberry syrup, banana, cherry, banana.

Clover: Small vanilla with cookie dough, whipped cream, tropical charms, cookie, cherry.

(all 3 sundaes are made and are given)

Clover: Sue, why are you eating my sundae? You gave me your mint one!

Sue: Well, I'm sorry!

Clover: You're sorry?! That was my sundae, Sue!

Sue: Well, I can explain...

Clover: Were you gonna have your mint sundae? (throws it on the floor and steps on it) Well, you don't deserve it!

(Sue starts crying)

Clover: Oh, sure. Cry it up. I'm crying on the inside because I didn't get my sundae, jerk! (walks out)

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