( in bad dream)

Clover: This Is a Good Day!

Sarge Fan!: Just Like Yesterday!

Clover: Yes, Yesterday Was a Good Day, Too!

Sarge Fan!: Well, I am Going.

Clover: You are Going?! You are Going Away?!

Sarge Fan!: Yes.

Clover: You Cannot Go! You Must Not Go! I WILL NOT LET YOU GO!

Sarge Fan!: I am Going.

Clover: SAAARRRGGEEE FAAAAAANNNN!!! What About Me? Who Will I Skip With? Who Will I Play Ping-Pong With? Who Will I Wear a Silly Hat With? WHO WILL I SKIP AND PLAY PING-PONG IN A SILLY HAT WITH?!?!

Sarge Fan!: Sorry, Clover. But I am Going.

Clover: Fine! Then, I Will Go, Too! Watch Me Go! I am Going! Look at Me Go!

Sarge Fan!: Have Fun!

Clover: WAIT. Go Later. Go Tomorrow! Go Next Week! Go Next Month! GO NEXT YEAR!

Sarge Fan!: I am Going Now.
  • Clover Coming To Marty
  • Clover Asleep In Marty's Arms
  • Clover And Marty Asleep Together

Clover: NOW!?! Why, Sarge Fan!?! Why?!

Sarge Fan!: Because I love Sasha, Clover!

Clover: Well, if that's it, we're done, Joey Toplaw!

Sarge Fan!: Fine, Clover Stone!


(Clover starts crying and then she wakes up crying then she goes into Marty's bedroom)

Clover (Crying): Marty?

(Marty wakes up seeing Clover crying)

Marty (Worried): What's Wrong, Clover?

Clover (Crying): Can I sleep with you, Marty? I had a bad dream.

Marty (Calm): Okay, Clover, Get in but stay on the other side of the bed.

(Clover gets in beside Marty and she hugs Marty)

Marty: I Love You Too, Sis.

(Clover Falls Asleep In Marty's Arms Then Marty Let Go Of Clover And Tucked Her In Then He Falls Asleep)

The End.

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