Fitz: Clover, Wake up, Your Mom will be here.

Clover: Okay.

Rita: Time to put this tape to your mouth, clover.

Clover: no thanks?

Shannon: Scooter, are you okay.

Scooter: i'm so okay.

Sarge Fan!: Hey Babe.

Clover: Hi.

Johnny: No! What are you doing?

Sarge Fan!: Clover? Wait?

Clover: Mmmph! Hmmmmmph! Mmph!

Rita: -evily laughs-

Clover: Mmph! Hmmmmph! Mmmph! Hmmmmph! Mmmmmph!

Rita: Stop It? 

Sasha: Clover, i need to rescue you.

Clover: -taking off tape to her mouth- okay.

Rita: No!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sasha: it's gonna be all right.

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