Foodini: Hi, welcome to "Have You Learned Your Plus Sums?". I am Foodini, and this is Cecilia, a famous celebrity in Tastyville!

Cecilia: Where do I go?

Foodini: Sit in this chair. (Cecilia sits in chair) If you get a question wrong, you will get parfait ingredients dumped on you.

Cecilia: Ask me my first question.

Foodini: What is 3 x 14?

Cecilia: I know, 312.

Foodini: Wrong! (dumps cream on Cecilia)

Cecilia: OK. Ask me my next question.

Foodini: What is 3 2/3 - 2 1/4? Say it in simplest terms.

Cecilia: 1 3/12?

Foodini: Wrong! (dumps caramel on Cecilia)

Cecilia: OK, next question please. I really don't like this.

Foodini: OK, if you get this question right, you won't get covered with the last ingredient. What is |-12| + |13|?

Cecilia: Uh, -24?

Foodini: Wrong! You probably didn't even learn your plus sums! (covers her in 3 fruit purees, and adds another layer of cream) And, to finish the parfait, I'll add some cinnamon cereal. (throws cereal at Cecilia)

Cecilia: I'm going home.

(at home the quintuplets and alberto where taking a nap when cecila came in and slams the door causing her to wake up alberto)

Alberto: Hey Cecilia Your Home Early (Looks At Cecilia) IY CRUMBA!

Cecilia: Watch My Shame On The TV I'm Stupid I Forgot How To Do Math

(Alberto Watches Have You Learned Your Plus Sums? On TV And He Laughed)

Alberto: Go Get A Shower So Dad Won't Wake Up Thinking Your A Parfait

(Cecilia Takes A Shower)

(13 Hours Later)

Cecilia: I Just Finished My Shower

Alberto: You used 13 hours of water?!

Cecilia: I had to take a shower this long to melt this off me!

(The Spot Quintuplets Wakes Up From There Nap)

All Five Quintuplets : Cecilie Your Home Early

Cecilia: Wanna Watch What Happened Today? Watch (Cecilia Plays Have You Learned Your Sums Again)

(30 minutes later)

Rico : Cecilia Lori Spot, you are not supposed to lose or play video games

(meanwhile in the Dark Force)

Derangio : Here, you go Ninjoy, the cat Planet CD-Rom just like you asked

Ninjoy : Thanks, Derangio, you are the best

(inserts Have You Learned Your Plus Sums? CD)



Derangio : Crud! I must have mixed up the game CDs!

(Derangio runs back to Gigante High with the Have You Learned Your Plus Sums CD and switches it with the Cat Planet CD and runs back to the Dark Force Brigade Hideout)

Derangio : It's Cat Planet. No lie, it's true

Ninjoy : Finally

(back at the school)

(Cecilia inserts Have You Learned Your Plus Sums CD)

Cecilia : That's the right CD, Uncle Georgito

Georgito : You get 150 points


Cecilia : I've done it

(Lisa shows up)

Cecilia : Guess what, Cousin Lisa, I've done my plus sums

(Tessero and Derangio show up)

Cecilia : Derangio, I need your help



Mindy : Phew, I'm like surfing in a sandstorm here, better take a shower.

(Undresses herself and puts clothes in locker)

(Mindy enters shower room)

(Derangio sneaks in nutty butter cups into Mindy's outfit and uses his sunburn raygun while Mindy takes a shower)

(Mindy comes out of the shower in a towel)

Vicky : Let's inspect your clothes, Mindy

(Vicky finds some melted butter cups inside Mindy's clothes)


Mindy : But, Mom!

Vicky : No buts! Game over

Mindy : Give me another chance

Vicky : FOODINI!!!!

Foodini : Coming

(Foodini walks out of the studio into the locker room)

(Derangio then presses the "ERASE" button on Foodini's camcorder)

(An 8-bit sound is heard and it then repeats until Foodini comes and Derangio hides)

(Foodini stops the sound but finds out the Have You Learned Your Plus Sums? filming is deleted)

Foodini : Oh, no! The erase buttom was triggered (cries) Looks like I have to re-run the Have You Learned Your Plus Sums? show


Foodini : Cecilia will have her sums tested again, Since Mindy is disqualified for putting leftover nutty butter cups in her clothes, you're the one left.

Foodini : What is 10 + 100 + 1000

Cecilia : 1,110

Foodini : Correct

Foodini : What is 3 x 9000?

Cecilia : 27,000

Foodini : Correct

Foodini : Final one. What is 8.5 + 3.5

Cecilia : 12

Foodini : You're correct, Here's a trophy.

(at the Spot household)

Cecilia : I won a Sums Trophy

Rita : Good for you

Alberto : Let's invite you to Georgito's Palace for a celebration.

(At Georgito's Palace The Spot's Along With Everyone Else Are Celebrating Cecilia's Victory)

  • Cecilia As A Human Parfait
  • Sleeping Quintuplets And Alberto

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