Carlo wakes up

Carlo after his bad dream

(it was night time and we go to the Romano's mansion were Carlo and Gino's bedroom light was on)

Carlo: awwww, Do i have to go to bed so soon Gino?

Gino: yes Carlo you didn't look to well this morning so your sister, father and i thought it'll be nice of you to go to bed at 11:10 at night i'm going to put your dad to bed and i expect you to go to sleep

(Gino leaves the room and Carlo gets moody then lays down and goes to sleep and mutters)

In bad dreamEdit

Carlo:What the Mia?

(A ghost is haunting.)


Dr. Zomboss: hahaha

Little Edorado&Gino Romano:Carlo,Look


Ninjoy, Xandra, Xolo, Edorado, Gino, and others:NOOOO

after bad dreamEdit

(Carlo wakes up)


(Gino wakes up and turns on the bedroom light causing Bruna to wake up also)

Gino: Carlo what is it?

Carlo: a horrible nightmare!

Bruna: somebody call me?

Carlo: Patino's foods is eaten by Dr. Zomboss, Mojo Jojo, Ursula and Cat Rocky.

Gino: Really everyone

Carlo: And they ate Ninjoy, X Twins, you and dad too.

(Carlo lays back down and Gino turns off the light and he and Bruna goes back to sleep while Carlo starts crying and Bruna hears her brother cry and goes to his bed)

Bruna: Carlo, go to sleep

Carlo: i can't Brunie plus an extra in my nightmare Johnny 13 has steal your purse.

Bruna: Tomorrow we tell it to Hank

(Bruna gets in her brother's bed and hugs him)

Bruna: it was just a nightmare Carlo now be a good little brother and go to sleep like me

(Bruna goes back to her bed and falls asleep then, Carlo looked at a sleeping Gino and a sleeping Bruna then he went to sleep and starts tearing up a little bit but then he went to sleep like his sister)


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