16th: Mixer-Zord (Balance Beams)

15th: Luau LeKung Fu (City Run)

14th: Milk Pilot (Bridge Crossing)

13th: Scout (Bake Off!)

12th: Shannon (Water Collect)

11th: Roy (Pizza Ball)

10th: Ripley (Ladder Climbing)

Top 9 (Final Voting)

9th: Agent B (Final Voting, 120 Votes)

8th: Slime Angel (Final Voting, 200 Votes)

7th: Koilee (Final Voting, 230 Votes)

6th: Wylan B (Final Voting, 290 Votes)

5th: Hotdog Demon (Final Voting, 310 Votes)

4th: Dumbbell (Final Voting, 340 Votes)


3rd: Kenji (Final Voting, 360 Votes)

2nd: Perri (Final Voting, 370 Votes)

Winner: Cherryl (Final Voting, 417 Votes)

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